Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Grip in the Apartment

Tomorrow evening I'm busy, have to head off to a PMI chapter meeting and get my PMP on.  The upside is I get dinner and professional networking.  The downside is my grip workout got shifted a day early, to tonight.  I prefer not to do two workouts in one day, but I'm not real happy with the drop in my grip strength and want do what I can to reverse it.

Grippers: Worked up to a max attempt on my BBM.  Barely hit it righty, missed it lefty.
Blockweight Loads to Bench: 5/5x20lb; 2x5/5x25lb; 1/1x30lb; 2/2x30lb;
Bent 2 Timber Ties Double Underhand, 2 Double Overhand
Finger Extensions
Dexterity Balls
Stretched my left calf

Overall not a terrible workout.  I'm quite a bit off from my peak strength.   Hopefully with a bit of focus I can get it close to a peak for the July grip contest.  I have been neglecting my grip workouts lately, counting on kettlebells and practice tearing phone books to maintain things while I drop weight.  It didn't work.  This new approach might.  If I'm not close to peak strength by the end of June, I'll need to consider a few high calorie weeks leading up to the contest.  It'd be nice to place higher than last place