Saturday, April 28, 2007

Grip in the Apartment

This was my final workout in the apartment.  I've been having a lot of "lasts" the past few days.  I was looking forward to kettlebelling outside, but the grass was much too wet.  Instead, I went with a kettlebell warm up and grip workout.  I'm glad I did.

After some light swings and snatches, kettlebells I moved on to axle deadlifts.  I did:

1x213 (PR on this Axle, 7lbs off all time PR)

What's key about this is my body weight today is 212lbs, meaning I've hit my first goal from the Relatively Strong list, a BW DO Axle Deadlift.  As promised, I have video:

Hitting this really made my day.  It's a fitting end to the cycle at World Gym and a great way to close out my last workout at the apartment.  I followed the deadlifts up with a bunch of block weight loads to my bench.  Highlights were hitting 2x5/5x30lbs, as well as 1/1x32.5lbs.  I don't remember the exact numbers.

Finished the workout off with about 25 minutes of mobility work and foam rolling.  Tension was releasing all over my body, especially in my legs, hips, and neck.  I even managed to do a bit of foam rolling on the sides of my legs, which are extremely tender.  Finger extensions are getting done now.

That's it.  I move tomorrow afternoon and am very excited.