Monday, April 9, 2007

Lower at World Gym

Hit my lower workout this moring.  With the mobility work last night, the front squats felt nice and smooth.  Moved up to the 35lb kettlebells for them.  Did romanian deads and side bends with the same weight as last time, then some external shoulder rotations.  Followed that with a set of 3 turkish get ups per side, using a 20lb dumbell.  Right knee clicks a little when I do these, not sure why.  Shoulder is liking them.

Mobility work and stretching afterwards felt pretty good.  My left ankle had a lot of tension in it that released.  I'm thinking in another week or two I may be able to try strengthening things with calf raises.  Stretching 2x a day is helping a lot, but I need to be careful not to push to hard, as other parts of my feet and ankles were starting to ache.  I've lowered the intensity of the stretches for now.