Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lower at World Gym

Yesterday I was out from 8am to 10pm, sitting almost the entire time.  I didn't fall asleep until 11pm.  My whole body was tight from sitting so long.  Getting up at 6 this morning meant there was no chance of a serious workout.  So, I got up anyway and decided to goof off at the gym instead.  Warmed up and jumped into the work

Deadlift Max: 5x135; 3x185; 3x205; 1x225; 1x245 PR;

All reps were done rest pause style with a double overhand grip.  That's a 10lb PR.  It's funny, when I'm tired, I can still focus for a max effort.  Reps are what would kill me.  I had the sense to walk away happy with a 10lb PR and leave some in the tank.  That's the maturity that comes with spending months recovering from injuries.  I know now a successful max is one that leaves me feeling good the next day.

I then tried my first 2 reps of sumo deadlifts ever.  One at 135, and one at 205.  Man, the length of that pull is so much shorter.  With the flexibility I've developed in my hips and I little practice, I could probably do a lot more weight this way.  I can see the objections to allowing this style for the axle deadlift in grip contests.  It really decreases the duration the bar has to be supported.

Followed that up with some light goblet squats, standing on one foot with a 35lb dumbell overhead, and about 35 minutes of mobility work and stretching.  I was moving sloooow and it took a long time to release all the tension that was generated by the deadlifting.  I barely made it in to work on time.

My hope was the max effort deadlifts would stimulate my nerves enough to prevent me from wanting to sleep at my desk.  It seems to have worked for now.  My whole body feels loose from the stretching.  It's a great antidote to the damage caused by sitting so much.  I'll probably crash as the day gets on, but that's why I train in the morning.  I can go home tonight and do nothing.