Monday, April 16, 2007

Lower at World Gym

I took the full day Sunday to rest.  When I woke up yesterday, I was amazed how little soreness I had.  As the day progressed, I found out why.  My body was still figuring out how to let me know it was in pain.  By this morning, climbing out of bed and getting ready for work was tough.

I figured that since a high workload with relatively light weight was responsible for my soreness, my low volume, high weight workout shouldn't be impacted too much.   Other than a lack of energy, it went pretty well.  I did my front squats with the same weight as last time, added 10lbs to my Romanian deadlifts, and added 5lbs to my side bends.  I'm sure there is a direct relationship here to the extra food I ate this weekend and the added strength, despite my low energy levels.

Finished the workout off with about 30 minutes of mobility work.  I forgot to cool down like I'd planned, and it took my quite awhile to loosen up.  I'm feeling much better from the trip to the gym though.  It worked out a lot of my aches and pains.

No weight change last week.  It's not surprising, since I ate out most days and there was a big bowl of easter candy at work that I've been helping myself to.  I'm currently planning to dial my food in for the next two weeks, by reducing the frequency with which I eat out.  Already this morning I skipped going out for my 2 bagels with cream cheese after my workout.  I've been doing that daily, so just leaving those out every morning should get me back on track.