Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lower at World Gym

This was a tough one.  There was an issue at work yesterday that had me worked up and made falling asleep last night very difficult.  I finally dozed off, but upon waking this morning, was still all worked up.  I channeled that aggression into my workout the best I could, and it helped compensate for my lack of sleep.

I added a set with the front squats using the 35lb kettlebells.  Repeated the 3x5x165 in romanian deadlifts.  Repeated the 2x10x80lbs in the side bend.  Did my external rotator work.  Then I did mobility and stretching.  My calves loosened a lot this morning.  Last night I spent 1.5 hours taking apart my power rack for the move, and I think that left them tight.

Overall a decent workout.  Later today I got the issue at work dealt with and some other things went really well.  I am feeling much better.  Lifting is an excellent outlet for channeling aggression so I can deal with problems rationally.  I'm going out tonight and won't get a lot of sleep as result, so tomorrow's workout is going to be a bear.  Luckily it is Friday tomorrow and I'm just doing upper body.

The weekend isn't going to leave much opportunity for rest.  I'm going to be moving all day Saturday, then helping my dad change the shocks on his car on Sunday.  At least I should be able to get enough sleep and food to make it through next week's workouts.  As long as I do that, I've got a 9 day vacation to finish my move and rest up that I can look forward to.  I've intentionally planned to overreach over the next 2 weeks or so, and then take the time to recover in my new place.  Hopefully at all comes together like I expect!