Saturday, April 14, 2007

Moving to Darien

There are 32 stairs from the entrance of my apartment to the parking lot outside my building.  4 flights, 8 per flight.  I know this because I counted.  I counted while I filled the SUV we rented, over and over and over.  3 trips to the new place with all the stuff we won't use in the next 2 weeks.  I have no idea why we have 3 SUV's full of stuff we don't use, or why we are moving it.  That's a question for my wife.

My body held up surprisingly well.  I prepped for today like I would a contest.  Huge meal last night followed by about an hour of mobility work.  Full night's sleep, another huge meal for breakfast, and a hot bath to get everything warmed up.  Started with the weights I don't use, finished with the lightest things I could find.  By the final bits of load 3, I was unable to stop my hands from shaking with exhaustion.  I am amazed by the guys that do this for a living.

I ended the evening with another big meal and another hour of mobility work.  Everything is tired, but nothing is injured.  I cannot believe I neglected mobility work for so long.  It takes so little time and effort to make such a huge difference in how I feel.  I bet I cut 1-2 days off the amount of rest I'll need from today's work.  I'm going to take it easy tomorrow and hope to be in the gym on Monday.  Life is good.