Monday, April 23, 2007

Recovery at World Gym

Yesterday was another long day, and I wasn't able to do anything about the sleep debt I incurred over the weekend.  I did manage to work in a hour of mobility work, but I guess it doesn't make up for rest.  When I got out of bed this morning, the area where the top of my butt meets my back was heavily cramped on either side of my spine.  Standing was rather painful, but I decided I should go to the gym and see what I could do about working the pain out.

This morning's lower workout was turned into one focused entirely on recovery.  During my warm up, as the muscle cramps began to release, I actually began to get a little sick to my stomach.  Whatever was stored up in the muscle must have been potent.  I then proceeded through my normal exercises for a lower day, doing double the normal warm up and no work sets.  Followed that with less stretching than usual, all of it focused on my hips and legs.

I feel much, much better sitting at my desk now.  Choosing to take a recovery workout was a smart decision.  I should still be able to hit my normal upper body workout tomorrow.  I don't think my training will be compromised by the light workout today.  This was certainly better than just doing nothing, which was really my only other option. 

Today is going to be one of the few days where I'm ecstatic that my job involves sitting at a desk all day.  I'm enjoying the opportunity to rest.  Hopefully I can make time for some extra sleep tonight.