Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Upper at World Gym

Hit the upper workout this morning.  I was feeling pretty good coming into things.  Got a full night's sleep and ate pretty well yesterday.  Rows felt strong.  Wanted to do barbell overhead press, but two powerlifters had the racks all tied up squatting.  One of them maxed with a triple at 495.  Hard to begrudge their use of the racks when all I want to do is put weight overhead, so I went with single arm dumbbell presses.

The dumbbell presses felt ok, went up to a couple sets with a 40lber.  The barbell presses feel better on my bad shoulder, but these worked.  It seems like if I start with the dumbbell in the overhead position (via a snatch), my shoulder is happier with the pressing than if I clean the weight to my shoulder first.  I don't know why.

Moved into pulldowns.  These felt pretty good, definitely hitting that weak right lower trap.  It was more tired than usual today, I expect from the turkish get ups yesterday.  Then I gave the incline dumbbell presses another shot.  Bumped the weight slightly to 2 sets with the 35lbers.  Bad shoulder started to complain near the end of the second set.  Still a big improvement from not being able to press horizontally without pain 8 months ago.

Finished off with some stretching and mobility work.  Ironically, today my right ankle was hurting, but my left foot felt pretty good.  I suspect I've overstretched the right ankle with the twice a day stretching.  I took it easy on that leg and worked the left one over.  Realized calf raises are not the next phase, but rather single leg balancing.  Mobility, then stability, then strength.  So I did some balancing on one leg with a 10lb medicine ball overhead.

Overall, a decent workout.  It's so easy to forget the order that my training should focus on things.  I always want to work strength, but I'm really not at that level yet.  My primary need right now is to develop the ability to move easily and freely through all ranges of motion.  It's not as much fun while I'm working out, but it has really been paying much greater dividends in my day to day life than pure strength training ever has.