Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Upper at World Gym

After coming home exhausted last night and going to bed at 9pm, I was feeling well rested this morning.  My shoulder was a little tight from the increased weight in the Romanian deads, but the soreness from moving only remained in my glutes and right calf.

Hit machine rows, overhead barbell press, and pulldowns with no problems.  Did a few more reps on the rows and presses, 10 more lbs on the pulldowns.  Opted to skip any chest work since my shoulder was complaining a little.  Did a set of 3/3x20lb turkish get ups, then 3 rounds of balancing on one foot for 20 seconds, last 2 rounds with 35lbs overhead.  Followed that with my mobility work.

Overall, the workout felt pretty good.  My shoulder is going to need some time before it is ready for more weight on the romanian deadlifts.  The tight calf was making my right knee click a little more than expected during the turkish get ups.  I failed to stretch my posterior shoulder capsule, but may do some more intensive upper body stretching and foam roller work tonight.

My progress is pleasing.  I am 20lbs off the weight I was using on my romanian deads last year at this time, right before I had to stop lifting because my shoulder was hurt.  There is very little pain now, and I am also 30lbs lighter.  My foot has started to come around.  I am developing more confidence in it when jogging to cross the street or going down the stairs.  Stretching my calf daily is making all the difference.  After the foot was such a problem for so long, I am surprised at the simple activities that are fixing it.  I guess it just demonstrates how important it is to align my training with my actual needs.

I might end up doing grip work tonight.  My hands feel strong today, and I want to capitalize on that.  It's also a good warm up for the upper body mobility work I'd like to do.