Friday, April 20, 2007

Upper at World Gym

I actually ended up getting home and in bed at a decent hour last night.  Woke up this morning before my alarm clock, feeling refreshed and aware.  Took it a little easy at the gym, since I've got a big moving day tomorrow:

5 minute warm up
Machine Rows, up to 140lbs
Overhead Presses up to 95lbs, followed by push presses up to 115lbs
Machine Pulldowns up to 140lbs
Light chest pressing
One legged balancing up to 20 seconds x 35lb dumbell overhead.
Mobility work and stretching

Felt weak today during the lifts.  I'm tired from the accumulated stresses of the week.  I also walked 3 miles last night, which had my feet and calves tight.  They released a lot of tension during stretching.  Shoulder didn't feel great on the pressing, I haven't been stretching my neck and upper back sufficiently.  I need to get back on that.

I would love to kettlebell tonight, but need to rest up for tomorrow.  It's a beautiful day, maybe I'll sneak something light in.