Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Upper at World Gym

Today was one of the best upper workouts I've had in awhile.  I got to bed at 8:15 last night, so I was very well rested.  I also had the advantage of not doing a heavy lower workout the day before.  I did:

Machine Rows: few more reps than last time per set, same work weight
Overhead Presses: one more rep than last time on one work set, same weight
Machine Pulldowns: one or two more reps per work set, same weight
Dumbell Incline Press: 8x30; 2x8x40

That dumbell incline press is HUGE!!!.  My shoulder wasn't perfect, but it was feeling much better than it's felt in years horizontally pressing that much weight.  I think all the mobility work I've been doing to accommodate the moving has accidentally helped my shoulder.  That or the postural muscles that stabilize it weren't tired because my lower workout was lighter yesterday.  Either way, I'm pretty happy about handling that weight pain free.

I followed this with my mobility / stability work.  I did the one legged balancing again, as well as 3/3x25lbs turkish get ups.  Quite a bit of time was spent on stretching, the muscles that were cramping yesterday finally released, as did a bunch of tension in my left foot.  It is doing much better overall. 

I've ordered a footsie roller to start working on the soft tissue quality in the bottom of the foot more intensely.  I'm also looking into a therapy ball to start looking for and working on trigger points throughout my body.  I'm thinking trigger point therapy is the missing link to finishing my rehab and staying injury free.

Tonight my wife and I will go to downtown LaGrange, since we won't be able to get there without a car once we move.  We'll go to our favorite Thai place.  I'll get a massive plate of cashew vegetable and some green tea ice cream.  Then we'll go to Trader Joe's, and I'm going to get a couple bottles of port and boxes of chocolate almonds to bring with to the new place.  It will be awesome.

I hope to do a grip workout on Wednesday, as well as write up a little more about what I've been doing for the mobility work.  I brought home a 32.5lb block weight yesterday, and I have a good book recommendation for the mobility stuff. We'll see how my time goes.