Sunday, April 8, 2007


Welcome to my new training blog.  Previously I've been tracking my progress on the Gripboard at  However, my training has deviated a good bit from the specific goal of grip strength at this point, so it seemed appropriate to setup a separate blog for logging workouts and training progress.  Currently I'm dedicated to getting "relatively" strong.  Progress is good so far.

I was diligent about my training this weekend.  Saturday saw me doing nothing but eating, sleeping, and playing video games.  In other words, I got much needed rest.  On Sunday, I did some grip training, kettlebells, and mobility work.  I'm still stretching my calves twice a day.  Interestingly, my grip strength is way down, even though all of my other lifts are progressing.  I expect this is a result of the grip strength being at a higher level prior to dropping weight.  That realization is one of the primary drivers behind my decision to start tracking workouts on a stand alone blog.

I did get the second 16k kettlebell from my parents today.  The handle is not smooth at all.  I went with another Power Max kettlebell and am disappointed with the quality, honestly.  It remains to be seen if the non-uniform handle shape effects how I use it, but the perfectionist in me doesn't like it.