Monday, May 14, 2007

An Evening of Mobility

The original plan for today was to spend the full day commuting downtown for work and coming home.  Luckily, due to circumstances beyond my control, I ended up working from home today.  Yesterday's PR kettlebell workout, coupled with the Mother's day induced lack of stretching, left me sore to say the least.

I spent about 45 minutes doing mobility work.  Since I've got a little time, I thought I'd write out what all I did.  Keep in mind it is about 80 degrees in my house, so I was already warm.  The workout started with soft tissue work:

Foam Roller Thoracic Spine
7" Fitball on Hips, focused on the spot where all the muscles come together on either side
5" Fitball on Hips, same focus
5" Fitball on Ribs, where my internal shoulder rotators all come together

These are several of my most tender areas.  The fitball work is still new and really burns.  This is the first time I rolled my internal rotators, and it hurt a lot.  The physical therapist was manually releasing trigger points in this area when I would go to see him, and it's the exact same type of pain.  Back then it hurt so bad I had to laugh so I wouldn't cry.  This feels about the same.

After the soft tissue work I moved on to stretching.  I don't know the names of all these exercises, so I'll give my best guesses:

Lying / Twisting Low Back + Glute Stretch
Lunge Stretch for Hip Flexors
Move into a glute Stretch, kinda a half front split
Standing Quad Stretch
One Legged Calf Stretch on Stairs
Seated Hamstring Stretch
Seated Lat Stretch / Hip Capsule Stretch
Neck Stretch with Stretching Strap
Upper Trap Stretch
Dislocates with Stretching Strap
Posterior Shoulder Capsule Stretch
Standing Lat / Tricep Stretch
Dexterity Balls
Stress Ball
Finger Extensions

I think that's about it.  Lots of tension releasing today, to no suprise.  Part of what I was trying to do is heavily stretch the areas I did soft tissue work on.  Otherwise I was just moving through whatever was tight.  My foot had started to get a little tender after yesterday, so I spent almost 10 minutes on the calf stretches and left out the footsie roller today.

I probably would have benefited from another cycle through all the stretches, but I get bored.  I am paying the price for my PRs and lack of appropriate cool down yesterday.  At least I have an idea as how to pay my dues and relieve some of the post workout pain now.  There are two areas I would like to have worked better but couldn't figure out how to:

1. My left upper trap is very tender.  It feels like some good work on the foam roller or fit ball would make it feel better, but I'm not sure how to get it into position.

2. As always it feels like there is still something tight deep in the right side of my hip.  I have this sense that whatever is causing that imbalance is directly tied to the instability in my right knee and the problems I have with my right shoulder.  Up until a few weeks ago I wasn't very aware of this issue, but it is definitely present.  If it doesn't get worked out over the next few months, I may make a trip back to the physical therapist in an effort to understand it better.  I think there is a good chance my right hip holds the key to bringing my entire body into balance.

As Mike said, there is no rest, only recovery.