Saturday, May 19, 2007

Doing Stuff

That's really the best description for this workout.  I've decided I want to keep my core workouts in the mornings during the work week, so today was really just a chance to get out in the garage and play.  I didn't want to go crazy, since I have a lower workout Monday, but I did have a lot of fun.  I did:

Warm up - Clean Up Garage

Unbraced Bending: 3 easy timber ties, 3 hard timber ties
Braced Bending: Finish 12"x5/16 CRS, 12"x5/16 CRS, Kink 10"x5/16" CRS, Fail on 12" x 3/8 spike
Easy Deck of Cards - messy, messy, prolonged struggle to tear them in half.

The braced bending took a really long time.  I like it, but I don't know how to get leverage yet.  A 12" spike would make a great trophy for my office, I'd like to get one down at some point.  I am pretty far away.  However, I think this type of bending may get easier as I get leaner.  Even with a towel, it's hard to get decent leverage off of my thigh. 

The deck of cards I think I have a technique problem on as well.  I always get the initial crack in the deck no problems, than have to fight for the rest.  I'm not sure what to do about it, but I'd love to be able to halve these decks in a few seconds.  I have about 70 of them.

This didn't happen today, but yesterday while the office was moving there were 10 old phone books to throw away.  I happily volunteered to "deal" with them.  I then proceeded to rip though 8 of them, one by one.  It was pretty awesome.  The 2 Chicago phone books stopped me, but at almost 3" thick, I don't mind too much.  I really enjoyed the visual nature of the feat, and it renewed my interest in the card tearing and spike bending.

Kettlebells and Other Full Body Work
Try to juggle 12k
Renegade rows with 16k's and 20k with 16k as base arm
Turkish Get Ups - 3/3x12k
60lb Dumbell: Clean and Push Press, Snatch, one of each per arm
24k Kettlebell: Snatch -3/3, Clean and Push Press
Double 16k Cleans
40 Consecutive Jumps with my Jump Rope
5 Push ups
5/5 Assisted Pistols

I think that's about it.  The push ups are a major milestone for me.  My shoulder continues to get stronger as time goes on.  I think the 25 consecutive push ups on my goal list will turn out to be easier than I expected.  I was surprised that my foot had no problems with the jump roping.  I may work some sort of jump roping in on to my goal list, but I'm not sure how to do it to avoid a REALLY boring video.

That's it, I'll probably stretch later tonight.  I also need to write up my plan now that my company is in the new office.  It's time to return to an aggressive training program.  I could not ask for more ideal circumstances to progress under.