Thursday, May 17, 2007

Everything Overhead!

No test day today, BW is coming in at 210 for some reason.  Go figure.  Last night I did 45 minutes of mobility and soft tissue work before bed, then slept in until 7 today.  As a result, I opted to make this morning's workout shorter, with an overhead focus.  If I picked a weight up, sooner or later it ended up over my head.  I did:

Warmup with 12k Kettlebell
16k KB: 5/5 One Arm Swings; 5/5 Snatches
20k KB: 5/5 One Arm Swings; 2x5/5, 1x3/3 Snatches
24k KB: 5/5 Snatches (Ties PR)
28k KB: 2/2 Snatches (PR)
32k KB: 1/1 Snatch (PR, ugly as possible, even lost it once), 1/1 Clean and Push Press (Ties PR)
Barbell Overhead Press: 5x45lbs, 5x65lbs; 3x5x85lbs;
Overhead Holds of 20k KB: 20s/20s, 20s/20s
Overhead Holds of 20k KB, on one foot: 10s/10s, 20s/20s

Well, I snatched the 32k for the first time.  It was sloppy, but that certainly demystifies the weight.  However, between the snatch and the push press, I can honestly say I have no business putting the 32k KB overhead with one arm.  My shoulders are not stable enough for it to be safe.  I am going to practice overhead holds with my kettlebells until I feel like the 32k belongs up there.  Only then will I test for my snatch and push press goals.  I'll also be working on building up the snatches with the 28k, as that KB was stable.

I think I have learned how to harness the strength of my posterior chain to move the weight.  My anterior chain lags behind and is now the weak link.  I started back on the barbell overhead presses today in hopes of correcting that.  Once my overhead strength and stability improves, I will be in a solid position to build on to my other goals.

I'll probably stretch later today, it's time to eat.  I am very interested to see what ends up sore from today's workout.