Sunday, May 6, 2007

Grip and Mobility in the Garage

Today marks the return to my normal day to day obligations.  Finding time for this workout was easy, I just went until I got tired.  Sleep is still lacking, but too much napping today would leave me unable to get to bed tonight.  Instead I opted for a long session of grip and mobility work.

During the kettlebell warm up I played around with high pulls a little bit.  I have always blown these off and think practicing them may lead me to a more powerful snatch.  I only went up to the 16k bell today, but they will get some serious attention in the coming weeks.

Grip work included the following:

Bottoms up presses of 16k kettlebell
Block weight swings, snatches, and loads to my bench
V-bar up to 125lbs
High rep sets on my Trainer, a couple singles of the #1
Bend 2 Easy 60d's (reverse style) and a Timber Tie (double underhand)
Finger Extensions
Dexterity Balls

The exercise choices were somewhat random.  I'd say the common theme was trying to get my skin to tighten so that it was tough enough to do well on v-bar and bending.  The v-bar didn't have much success, but bending went better than I'd hoped.  Ever since last December when I went all out and failed on a hard 60d, I've been unable to bend these easy 60d's.  Leading up to that max attempt, I'd been doing up to 8 easy 60d's in a single session, all done double underhand style.  Reverse style they had gotten to the point of being a warm up nail.

So, now I begin the road back.  I know better than to go all out again, but my hands have lost a lot of toughness.  The strength is still there, but my flesh is soft and tender.  With practice it will harden and I may be able to take another shot at the hard 60d sometime this summer.

After grip I hit my mobility work.  I spent close to 45 minutes stretching and doing soft tissue release.  My fitballs finally came, along with the DVD I ordered.  The DVD is lame, but the fitballs work.  I could only tolerate a few minutes of work on my hips, but it is clear loads of tension reside in them.  Hopefully over the next two weeks I can build up to the point of being able to foam roller that area.  Currently I can barely stand the 7" fitball, the 5" fitball stares menacingly at me from the corner.  It will be awhile before I use it.

More and more I'm convinced the strength training program one uses has very little to do with the effectiveness of a workout program.  Sleeping well, eating right, and paying attention to injury prevention is serving me better than a laser like focus on sets, reps, and exercise selection ever did.  Too bad that doesn't sell well.