Sunday, May 27, 2007 Update has been neglected as of late.  I got side tracked from content updates by the .NET conversion, then that got tabled with the move to the new house.  The end result is the site has stagnated.  Tonight I finally started to do something about it.  Rather than toy with the technology, I opted to do a few content updates:

Vertical Bar

Vertical Bar Lift
Skin Toughness

Not much, but a few updates every month add up to a full site.  Hopefully I can get things back on track now that my life has settled into a routine at the new house.  I have a solid plan for growth, but it is worthless without execution. 

Yesterday I finally got around to updating the Grip section of the DMOZ.  I got accepted as editor for it several months ago, but have yet to see the entries propagate to sites that leverage the directory.  Hopefully when the do propagate, yesterday's updates are included.  The directory in the DMOZ can be found here:

DMOZ Grip Directory

Most sites linked to via the DMOZ end up with a Google page rank of at least 4, so I hope long term this increases the exposure of grip, including my FAQ site.