Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Grippin Around

Lazy day today.  After the abbreviated workout and 8 hours working from home, I really had nothing to do.  It's raining and 68 degrees outside, so perfect weather for a prolonged session of gripping in the garage.  I did:

Grippers up to BBM
Bending up to 7"x1/4 round
Blobs up to 32.5lbs
Wrist Extension Reps on a Wrist Roller with a towel on it, up to 85lbs
1 hand pinch 4 10s with a bar through them a couple times
1 hand pinch 3 10s with a towel over them
2 hand pinch 4 10s with a towel over them
2 hand pinch 2 25s with a towel over it
V-bar up to 50lbs with a towel over it.

Basically I screwed around for an hour and a half.  I did a ton of sets and avoided max efforts.  There were a few interesting items to note:

1. My gripper strength is pretty low right now, down where it was almost 2 years ago

2. Despite hitting the 7" x 1/4 round while bending, I had no chance on the "Easy" 60d nails I've been failing on.  I am really surprised how much these have turned out to vary.  On the bright side it looks like my hard timber ties, grade 2 bolts, and 7" x 1/4 round stock are open to me reverse style, so I'm set for bending stock for awhile.

3. I gave a towel over my grip tools a chance today, wanting to save my skin for kettlebells tomorrow.  That turned my wrist roller from a callous eating piece of junk into a great tool.  Knurling on a wrist roller is just dumb, I don't know why anyone sells knurled wrist rollers.  The towel worked great on v-bar and pinching as well.  Weights drop a whole bunch, so it probably isn't an every day training option for these lifts, but it met my needs today.

That's about it.  I already ate dinner and am home alone for the evening.  Guess I'll stretch out and play guitar.  Maybe I'll have time to dig into my new book, Alpha Project Managers.