Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hand to Hand

It's been another lazy weekend.  I had my drink and stretched last night.  Today we finally got around to setting up the Wii.  It's a very cool toy.  I dragged the TV into the basement, and we spent more time in there today than we have since moving in.  As the evening rolled around, I really felt like trying my hand at the kettlebell juggling.  About 8pm I took my 16k outside and did:

One Hand Swings
Two Hand Swings
Bodyweight Squats
Swing Hand to Hand (DARC swings?)
Two Hand Swing, Release and Catch
One Hand Swing, Release and Catch
Two Hand Flips
One Hand Flips
Pass Around Body
Figure 8's under legs
One Hand Clean to Palm, Catch and Swing down
Bottoms up Clean, Toss to Opposite Palm, and back
Clean to Palm, Squat, Press and Stand, Catch and Swing down
Renegade Rows with other 16k
Double 16k Cleans
Double 16k Presses

Basically, I screwed around for a long time and had a lot of fun doing it.  The divots in my lawn stand as a testament to my poor coordination, but the conditioning work was great.  The Powerblocks sold for $175 on ebay today.  I may treat myself to a new toy once the winner pays.

I got the things I ordered last week.  The Stretch to Win DVD is very good.  There are aspects of the book I missed that it clarifies.  The Iromind order was a mixed bag.  The bodyweight exercise book is pretty far beyond my current abilities.  I am enjoying the sequel to Ironmind.  I have really liked the H2H DVDs, but I would have been ok just to get the first one.  TONS of things to try there.

Based upon my troubles with taming the arc of the kettlebell, I am reconsidering Brett Jones's DVD.  It is very expensive, but so is wasting months doing my kettlebell exercises with poor form.  I need to get paid for the Powerblocks first though.