Monday, May 21, 2007

It's My First Day

First day at the new office.  This also means first workout in the home gym on a schedule.  Today was a lower workout, so I did:

Warm Up - Use the computer in warm clothes and a fleece for 45 minutes, 12k kettlebell swings
Goblet Squats - 5x12k, 5x16k, 5x24k
Double KB Front Squats - 5x5xDouble 16k's
Romanian Deadlifts - 5x95, 5x145, 4x5x175lbs
Assisted Pistols - 2x5/5
Side Bridges - 2x30s/30s

Took about 45 minutes.  Stretching has to move to the evenings, due to the time it takes me to cool down and relax enough to stretch.  As it stands now, my cool down will be showering.  I did do about 45 minutes of mobility work last night.  Wearing the fleece this morning helped to fix a problem I was having getting the motivation to go lift so early.  I was just cold.

Pretty good workout for my first day.  I walked in the office at 8:57, so I can get up 3 minutes later tomorrow.