Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Lower and Grip

All my workouts these days are going to be in the garage.  Having a garage gym rules.  I rolled out of bed at 5:45, by 6:15 I was lifting hard.  I went to bed at 10 last night, so I'm doubtful that my sleep requirements will change.  By the end of the work day yesterday I was exhausted.  Thinking hard all day is apparently harder on me than working hard all day??? Weird.  Anyway, I did:

Kettlebell warm up
Romanian Deadlifts up to 3x5x165
Goblet squats: up to 3x5x28k
Step ups: 4x5 with bodyweight
Assisted pistols: 4 sets
Side Bridges: 45s/45s; 15s/15s

The Romanian deadlifts weren't too hard, but I really need a mirror setup to see whether or not my right shoulder is rolling forward.  It's on my to buy list and I can spend up to $100, I just need to find one.  Maybe I'll just make one that stands, I have a spare mirror in my closet.  We'll see.

The goblet squats were kinda tough, but don't really feel like they hit the front of my legs.  As a result I worked in the step ups.  After finishing those, the assisted pistols occurred to me.  Now that my rack is out in the open, I can put a barbell at shoulder height and hang on to it as I go up and down in a pistol.  I'm assisting a lot with my upper body at this point, but a strength difference between my left and right legs has been highlighted.  I will continue with these.  Ultimately I'd like to replace the step ups with walking lunges.

Side bridges felt good, really nailed the lower trap area like they should.  These were a great segue into my mobility work.  I spent about 30 minutes stretching out while I watched a DVD of Bush in concert at Woodstock.  With the garage door open and the warm summer breeze, it was very relaxing.

In between my sets I snuck in some grip work.  This will probably be my new approach to grip, since I now have the option.  I just did grippers and block weights.  The block weights were very slippery in the humid morning air.  I had to drop down to my 25lb hex block to accommodate.  Even then, by the end of a set of 5 loads to the bench the block was slipping.  Hard work though.  While typing this workout up I also did some finger extensions.

Tomorrow I'll hit an upper body work primarily based upon kettlebells.  I tried to do some bending at the very end of today's workout, but my hands were shot.  I will try tomorrow during or after the kettlebells.  I guess this means I'm back on to working an upper / lower split, even if the intensity is reduced a little.  That's just what feels good to me in the mornings.  The thought of working my entire body at 6am is too daunting.