Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lower and Grip

Hit lower and grip this morning.  The last two days have been spent just resting.  I got at least 9 hours of sleep last night.  Needless to say, I was feeling stronger this morning than I have in some time.  For lower I did:

Kettlebell Warmup
Front Squats: 5x45lbs; 5x65; 5x85; 2x5x95 (too much back)
Romanian Deadlifts: 2x5x95; 3x5x175 (felt strong)
Step Ups: 3x5xBW
Assisted Pistols: 5/5; 3/3; 1/1;

Then I lowered myself to the ground a few times with just one leg.  I'm halfway there!  I don't think the current girth of my waist and legs puts my center of gravity in a position where I can hold the bottom position of a pistol, let alone stand up unassisted.  At least I don't fear the way down.

I worked grip in between my sets, starting with the step ups.  I did:

Grippers: reps through the super advanced
Blobs to Bench: 2x5x27.5lbs; severalx32.5lbs
Bending: Timber Tie, Easy 60d, Cheat kink several pieces and finish them
Dexterity Balls

I've identified one issue with my bending.  The 60d's I am using vary dramatically.  The first one I did melted easily.  The next one I had to cheat kink to 90 degrees and used my legs to help finish the crush down.  It was at least as hard as a piece of 6"x1/4 round steel.  The solution is I have to get stronger, but I also need to spend more time working with the easier timber ties I have, possibly even buying more if I run out.

Finished the workout off with a walk around the block, stretching, and soft tissue work.  Tension was releasing all over the place on almost every stretch.  I think that is the result of the intense kettlebell workout on Wednesday, coupled with the lack of stretching on Thursday and Friday.  All I did those days was go for a 2 mile walk on Friday.  I feel great now though.  I think I might go try the whirlpool feature of my bathtub for the first time