Friday, May 4, 2007

Lower in the Garage

I rolled out of bed at 5:30, feeling refreshed on 6.5 hours sleep and excited for my first workout in the new garage gym.  After 15 minutes or so to wake, I was ready to go warm up.  The morning air was a little cool, but felt good while I was working hard.  I did:

Warm Up - Deadlift / Swing / Snatch / Squat series with 12k kettlebell
Squats - Goblet squats up to 24k kettlebell, double front squats with the pair of 16k's
Romanian Deadlifts - Reps on Axle with 165lbs
Side Bends - Reps with 65lbs
Kettlebell Farmers Walk - Walk down drive way with double 16's racked, back with them overhead, 2 times

Then I stretched.  Weights were down a little bit, but that's to be expected given the prior week and change of venue.  I took a number of points away from this workout:

1. The kettlebell front squats are tough, if I pair up my 20k bell, I'm set for some time

2. The kettlebell goblet squats are tough, if I get a 36k bell, I'm set for some time

3. I cannot do my Romanian deadlifts on the Axle, my grip fails before my back and that rolls my shoulder forward

4. I need a full length mirror on wheels; I was letting my shoulder roll forward on the deadlifts

5. I need a better stretching matt, the one I have has no padding in it

6. Lifting right after I wake up means I don't need to eat before going into the gym.  This was a major concern for me, since I can't lift weights for about an hour after eating.  It turns out if I start the workout half asleep, I don't mind doing it on an empty stomach.  That will be a major time saver in the morning before work.

7. I have to choose between having the garage door open or listening to music.  The highway is loud enough that if I turn my music up to be heard over it, the house shakes and my wife wakes up.  Luckily we're on vacation this week.  I didn't think the music was that loud, so the freight trains at the old apartment must have been REALLY loud.  No wonder I'm sleeping better.

This is all very promising.  I’ll have a photo tour of the new gym up once the internet is working properly.