Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Move Recap

Sunday the movers arrived to haul our remaining belongings from the apartment to the new house.  Hiring them was a smart decision, well worth the $600 it cost.  3 guys took 5 hours to pack everything up, load it into the truck, drive to the new place, and unload the truck into the house.  These guys worked hard, much harder than I was capable of when moving things with my wife the prior two weekends.  The work capacity they have built up by moving people every day was really impressive.  I finished the evening tired from stress, but pain free.

Between a thunderstorm, the cats howling, and a power outage Sunday night, Monday saw me running on about 4 hours of sleep.  I spent most of the day carrying boxes around the house and setting up various rooms.  This was my second day of eating nothing but take out, since the kitchen was still packed.  Definitely no weight training, I was exhausted.  I did find out napping with a window open to the forest preserve is like camping without all the bugs, rocks, and sunburn.

Tuesday the place began to feel like home.  We got groceries delivered for the first time, and Comcast made the first of what I have discovered will be several visits to setup internet access.  Most of the day was spent moving boxes around, but I did start getting the gym setup.  After a short walk with my wife, I emptied the last of the boxes and straightened out the final pieces of weight equipment.  Still exhausted, I had no business working out, but the kitchen finally got put together right before bed.  This was my last day of eating only take out.  I actually had a little free time to read in the evening before bed.

Wednesday has been my first real day of vacation.  I finished the last of the gym setup, including connecting speakers for music from either my mp3 player or laptop.  Nothing is left in the garage that does not belong.  Given the stresses incurred over the past week, I opted to push off intense exercise for another day.  Instead I spent around 45 minutes doing various types of mobility work, and then captured a photo tour of the gym.  I didn't eat a single bit of take out today, instead I had:

Meal 1: Flax Cereal, Skim Milk, Banana
Meal 2: Amy's Brown Rice and Veggie Bowl, Chocolate Almond Clusters
Meal 3: Lettuce, Carrots, Ranch Dressing, Strawberries, Bagel, 2 Slices Cheese, Griller, Tofurkey, Iced Tea
Meal 4: Amy's Spicy Chili, Cheese, 2 Slices Bread, Skim Milk

This evening I went for a forty minute walk with my wife, the sunset was gorgeous.  I feel energized and am looking forward to lifting weights tomorrow morning. It was pointless to debate over whether or not I'd take a period of rest during the first half of this week.  I really had no choice; the energy just wasn't available to exercise.  I am finally settling in now though, and I am very happy with the new setup.  My quality of sleep has definitely approved, and my stress levels have plummeted.  I am very interested to see how much sleep I need once work starts.  Today I did well with just 5 hours.