Monday, May 28, 2007


Due to lack of sleep, today's workout got shifted to the late afternoon.  I had to spend the prime of the day shopping for dress clothes, as my shirts are too loose to look decent for an upcoming client visit.  I hate to drop money on clothes, but it had to be done.  At least Old Navy was having a sale.  I got 3 shirts for $60.

By the time my workout rolled along, I wasn't feeling up for the normal routine.  I rarely pull from the floor, so I decided to treat myself to full deadlifts.  I did:

Deadlifts: 3x135, 135, 155, 175, 1x205, 255 (PR), 275 (PR), 3x205, 205; 5x135 (sumo)
Front Squats: 5x45; 2x5x95;
Power Clean and Push Press: 135lbs
Assisted Pistols: 5/5
Turkish Get Ups 3/3x16k
Overhead Squats with Hollow Bar: 5
Double Underhand Bend Hard Timber Tie

My lovely wife got the deadlift PRs on video for me.  They are here: Video

What  jumps out at me is that my right hip is externally rotated further than my left one.  I appear to favor my left leg as a result.  The right leg is weaker on the assisted pistols, and the knee clicks during squats.  I think this is all related to the difference in external rotation of the hips.  Solving this problem would put me within striking distance of 3 big wheels on the deadlift.  It may also explain why I am such a bad squatter.  Any insight would be appreciated.

The turkish get ups made it clear that sets across are a poor way of testing for goals.  They are boring to do and difficult to video.  I am going to revise my goal list to replace the sets across with simple rep based sets.  For testing purposes, they will be sufficient

I am closer to the 3/4 bodyweight clean and press than I expected to be.  Cleaning the 135 was actually pretty easy.  I think by the end of the summer that goal will fall, which surprises me a little.  Of course, I never expected to be thinking about hitting a 315 deadlift either.  This cycle is going amazingly well.