Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Steel for Dinner

Just grip yesterday evening.  Unfortunately between last Saturday's workout and this morning's kettlebell workout, my hands were pretty far off from top form.  I did:

Unbraced Bending: 3xEasy Timber Tie, 1x7" 1/4 round, Fail on 7" 1/4 round
Braced Bending: Fail to Finish kinked 10" 5/16 round, Bend 12" 5/16 round
Blobs to Bench: 2x5/5x27.5
One Handed 2" Axle Lift: 3x1/1x73lbs
2.5" Dumbell Deadlift: 1x55lbs, 75, Fail on 95, 75, 55

That's it.  After the bending revealed my strength levels, I just screwed around, looking for something I felt strong at.  I expect Saturday's workout will be a good one.

Interestingly, my right lower trap is pretty sore this morning.  I think it is from the snatches.  Cool.