Saturday, May 19, 2007

Target: Larkin's Gym

Michigan Grip Champs 5 is on Saturday, July 28th.  That gives me 10 weeks to prepare.  After careful consideration, I've decided that I will not try to peak my strength for the contest.  The best thing for me to do with my training at this time is continue with a workout pattern that will serve me best long term.  I had originally considered maintaining, or even gaining weight in the period leading up to the contest.  I have decided I will not do this.  I am doing well enough strength wise that I do not feel it is necessary, and I think it would be likely to derail my progress towards other goals.  Leading up to the contest now, I will be doing the following:

Monday - Lower in the Morning
Tuesday - Upper in the Morning, Optional Grip / Variety workout in the evening (may push to Wednesday)
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Lower in the Morning
Friday - Upper in the Morning
Saturday - Optional Grip Variety workout, may push to Sunday
Sunday - Rest

The lower and upper workouts will stay very similar to what I've been doing.  It is working.  The variety workouts will end up similar to the one I did today.  If I am feeling drained, they are not my core focus, and they will be dropped.  Obviously if I do no grip training, I will do poorly at the contest, so I will find a way to make them happen.  Most days I will also end up doing some sort of mobility work, as well as walking 1.5 to 3 miles.  Round trip my commute to work is a 1.5 mile walk.  My wife and I often walk 1-2 miles during the evenings.

Nutrition is going to become a key factor for me now.  This past week I have allowed my eating to become lax.  Initially I was trying to ride the fine line between peaking strength for my test day and hitting the desired body weight.  Once it was clear I was not going to do the test day yet, I chose to relax what I was eating for a few days.  With work now at the new office, I am setting the dietary patterns for years to come.  I want to be in the habit of eating flax cereal for breakfast, bringing the right quantity of quality food for the day, and eating a solid dinner.  I am looking to continue dropping around a pound a week.  The pace just works well for me.

On the equipment front, I've been fortunate in that my landlord returned the full $680 security deposit I made.  I made the deposit almost 4 years ago, so it feels like found money.  I'm also going to be selling my powerblocks and think I can get another $200 for them.  So I've got a decent slush fund to get some new toys.  I probably won't use all of it on weights, but I am likely to buy another 20k kettlebell and a few DVDs in the near future, maybe tonight.  On the variety day I would like to start learning to juggle the kettlebells.

Well that's pretty much it.  10 weeks from now I'll be under 200lbs, swimming in the hotel pool, and basking in the glow of having bent a Grade 5 bolt earlier that day in contest conditions.  I'm looking forward to it.