Sunday, May 13, 2007

Week in Review

There are certain times when everything just comes together even better than planned.  This was one of those weeks for me.  My food is falling in line and my workouts are going great.  Items of note this week:

1. Bodyweight hit 208lbs, 1lb shy of my test weight
2. Due to form tweaks, my snatch PR has jumped from 3/3x20k to 5/5x24k
3. The Fitballs have worked their way into my mobility tool kit and do a great job
4. I've got an MP3 player on the way for music in my garage gym
5. My workout pattern has been tweaked with a cool down walk so that I can really relax when stretching

On top of all of this, my foot and shoulder are doing tremendous.  My foot just doesn't hurt anymore.  I am cautious not to push it too far, but even with all the intense kettlebell work, I have no foot pain.  It is reliable and pain free. 

My shoulder has gotten to a point now where I was actually able to play guitar for an hour last night with no pain.  I had to stop playing regularly a few years ago because even 15 minutes of strumming would make my shoulder ache.  I'm a bad guitar player, but I have fun doing it.  I am really excited to be able to pick the instrument up again, especially with the extra free time I now have.

To recap, I'm eliminating pain, setting PRs, and dropping weight, all at the same time.  This is awesome.