Thursday, June 14, 2007

16k at the Sheraton

Thursday night I hit a brief kettlebell juggling workout outside my hotel, around 25 minutes.  It shaped up like this:

One and Two Armed Swings
Two handed Swing and Throw
One and Two Armed Catch and Release
Alternating Swings
Swing and catch into palm, back down
The same, but press overhead before dropping down
Toss kettlbell from bottoms up position in one hand to waiter's position in other hand and back
Around the body, both ways
Figure 8's through the legs
Walk up and down parking lot with kettlebell overhead

Think that's about it.  I tried reversing the direction of the figure 8's, but that made my back hurt.  The only shaded spot outside the hotel was kinda filthy, so I opted to stay off the ground.  Throwing the kettlebell was pretty fun.  A good workout overall and definitely some much needed activity.

After dinner, I swam in the pool.  I found a depth of the water at about 2' (on the stairs) where I could do an assisted pistol that felt pretty good.  It was cool.  Then I spent a lot of time trying to push off the wall at one end of the pool and get to the other end with that push.  Never quite made it, but it was fun.

Bodyweight remains unchanged.  Given what I ate over the past week, that's pretty good.  I'll workout today, probably grip and kettlebells.  That will get me back on schedule.  It will also give me two days to stretch and rest before resuming full bore training.

Time comittments at work show no sign of slowing down, so I'm going to have to make my progression work with the heavier load.  I think if I limit goofing off on the internet to whenever I need to come online to write up a workout, that will balance things enough.  I'm also going to set end of July as my target to be done with the overtime for awhile.  I'll be teeing some things up with my boss on Monday that should begin us moving down that path.  My budget is balanced so I make more than enough money during a normal work week, I'm not going to waste my twenties working even longer for money I just don't need.