Saturday, June 9, 2007

Chicago Grip Association Meet Up Recap

We had the first meet up of the Chicago Grip Association today.  It was a blast.  Hours doing grip stuff with a great group of guys.  Rick, Steve, Allen, and Neil showed up. I'll have a hard time remembering everything, but I did:

Axle Deadlifts - tied 213 PR
Blobs - went up to the 32.5, finger press with the 35
Plate Pinches - Did 3 10's, missed 4 with a rod through it, Did 2 25s
Bending - Several nails, including a new type of hard timber tie, and a 7" piece of 1/4 FBBC
One Hand Deadlift - up to 165lbs
Bottoms Up Kettlebell Press - up to 24kg righty, 20k lefty
Grippers - got to try an Ivanko Supper Gripper with three springs, that thing's tough
V-bar - up to 125, tired, but hand started to give warning signs that skin would tear

I think that's everything I did, but there might be more.  The guys did a lot of cool stuff I can't do.  Axle deadlifts up to 323, my 40lb blob got lifted normal and by the face, 4 10's pinched, 4 10's with a bar plus weight pinched, 2 35's pinched, grade 8 bolt bent, 10" spike bent, one handed deadlifts up to 215, v-bar up to 215 plus the bar, my 28k kettlebell got flipped.  It was wild.

This is all great motivation for my training.  I am definitely looking forward to doing it again.

EDIT - Here are the videos from the get together.  We didn't break out the camera until it looked like Neil had a chance at certing on the v-bar, so just a few today.  I hope to get more next time: