Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Everything Right

Last night I realized that with no end in sight to the extra work, I just have to take the time for myself, and let what happens at work happen.  Instead of staying up till an unreasonable hour working, I had a good dinner, spent some time with my wife, and went to bed at 10pm.  After getting up at 6:45 this morning, well rested, I set aside 35 minutes to do a full session of stretching.  This is the first full stretching session I've had in around a week.  I worked through quite a few restrictions, possibly the most I've ever dealt with in a single session.

Now I feel much, much better.  I'm enthused to go into work and give it my all.  I'll probably be there until almost 10 tonight, so that's a good thing.  With the braced bending, The Stick is fast becoming a preferred myofascial release tool.  Working over my ITB and quads felt really good.  I also figured out I have a bunch of restrictions on my inner thighs.  Not surprising, given that I give tissue quality there zero attention and kettlebell work just nails the area.  I worked them lightly with the stick today, it was all I could take.  I expect to see some benefits from making that area pain free over the next few weeks.