Friday, June 1, 2007

Laying Bricks

Finally dragged myself out of bed for a morning workout today.  I have not been doing well hitting these consistently since my office moved.  Today is a return to the normal pattern, I will keep it up from here on out.  No more atttempts at max effort stuff for awhile either.  I need to work on building my foundation.  I did:

Goblet Squats: 5x12k, 16k, 24k
Double Kettlebell Fronts Squats: 5x5x16k
Romanian Deadlifts: 5x95, 135; 4x5x185lbs
Turkish Get Ups: 3x1/1x16k

I focused on pulling myself down into position on the squats.  I think it might help to resolve my hip imbalance.  It certainly stopped my knee from clicking.

I wanted 5x5 on the Romanian deadlifts, but didn't think I could hit the last set, so I saved it for another day.  I'm going much lower on these now.  My flexibility has increased to the point where the bar hits about mid-shin while keeping a neutral spine.  I had to move out of my rack because the safety pins don't go low enough.  The increased range of motion accounts for the lack of weight progression.

Turkish Get Ups felt great.  My shoulders were feeling a little iffy yesterday evening, they feel excellent now, even after the deadlifts.  I need to do these each lower workout.

Well, that's it.  Nothing glamorous, just laying the bricks.  I'm probably going to try to keep volume a little higher for the next few weeks as I push towards 200lbs body weight.  My goal is to hit the Michigan Grip Champs under 200lbs and do as well as I did last summer at 240lbs.