Friday, June 29, 2007


This morning I woke up on time with every intention of doing my upper workout before work.  Much to my surprise, my entire body is wiped out from yesterday's heavy low rep workout.  I skipped the weights and went into the office. 

On the way home this evening, I found the perfect spot to kettlebell by the pond near my house.  Seeing as today's workout was destined be a light one, I opted to take my 16k kettlebell over to the pond to practice juggling.  30 minutes later, I'm wiped out.  The light weight has me feeling far more tired than all the heavy weights did yesterday.  I'll stretch later tonight and do grip tomorrow.

The plus side of all the overtime at work is finally coming out.  I got my first overtime check today.  Now I am scheduled to get kettlebell instruction on next Saturday morning.  I also placed an order with FBBC this morning.  I'll be getting a 2" v-bar, a pinch barbell, a "bomb", some 1/4" shiny stock, and a couple horseshoes.  I do like getting new toys.

This weekend will be focused primarily upon rest, recovery, and preparation for future success.  I'm going to clean up the garage and get the things I'm not using out of there.  I officially have permission to move my wife's planting stuff and hyperextension bench to the basement.  That's going to open up a lot of space I can use for other things.  Then I'm going to the mirror store on Saturday and will hopefully arrange to get a mirror put into my gym.  On Sunday, If I'm lucky, I'll be able to get another stall matt.  We'll have to see how time goes.

I might not like doing the overtime, but I sure like when it pays off.