Thursday, June 7, 2007

Making Time

Work is crazy right now.  The past 4 business days I have averaged 3.5 hours of overtime per day.  Last night I was up until 11:30 working, then had to get up, squeeze my workout and shower in, do a 9am call, eat breakfast, and get to work for a 10am call.  Needless to say, coupled with the time off, I was looking forward to this energy release.  I did:

12k Kettlebell Warm Up
Romanian Deadlifts: 5x95, 115; 3x5x165
Goblet Squats: 5x12k,16k, 24k
Double Front Squats: 2x5x16k's, 2x20k's
Turkish Get Ups: 2x2/2x16k
Bodyweight Lunges: 10/10; 27 walking lunges

Deadlifts and Squats were kind of supersetted.  I scaled back on the deadlift weight and focused on my shoulder position.  It seems I'd gone back to pulling my shoulders up and back, instead of pulling them back and down.  Resuming proper pulling position really eased the pressure on my bad shoulder and made me feel much more stable.

The 2nd 20k kettlebell arrived on Monday.  No screwing around with these, the pair feels heavy.  The double 16's are the same weight as my 32k.  They felt "easy" if anything, since before I had to hold that weight in one kettlebell.  The pair of 20k's are a different beast.  When I build up to 5x5 with them, my squats will be much better.

Turkish Get Ups are a great exercise.  I need to get better at them.

The lunges were inspired by two things:

1. I sent an email to the physical therapist that helped me with my shoulder problem.  I described the hip imbalance, and he gave me some things to check.  One of them is if my adductors are weak.  I figured the lunges are a good way to find out. 

2. The the workout Mike posted the other day.  He did 50 rep walking lunges with the 16k kettlebell.  I wanted to see what I could do with just bodyweight.

Anyway, these were killer.  I need to do them more.  Tomorrow, when I am sore, I will get to find out what is weakest.  I think the inner thigh on my leg that externally rotates too far will be in some real pain tomorrow.

Overall a good workout and great release of tension.  I have the first Chicago Grip Association meet up on Saturday and am looking forward to it.  Upper workout tomorrow.