Thursday, June 28, 2007

More Recovery

Got in at 8:30 last night, more overtime at work.  I could have worked much later, but remembered my commitment to leave at 8, no matter what.  The excellent workouts on Monday and Tuesday left me feeling drained, so I made time for a session of soft tissue work and stretching.  I then opted to sleep in this morning.  Right now I am feeling pretty good, but I may push my lower workout to tomorrow morning.  Friday's upper workout can always be done on Saturday, and I like the morning workouts.  If I feel good when I get home, that could change though.

It looks like things are coming together for me to get some in person instruction on the kettlebells.  The overtime has put me in a position to afford it, and I live relatively close to an RKC Team Leader.  Hopefully we will get together next Saturday.  I think my snatches have the potential to improve quite a bit.