Monday, June 11, 2007

No Weights Indeed

Interesting workout today.  I ended up deviating from my plan and pushed the workout to this evening.  Despite my best intentions, I did not get to bed early enough to be well rested for my workout this morning.  Instead I went to work, rode the train to Michigan, and hopped in a cab to my hotel on a hill in Novi.  By 7:30pm I had just checked into the hotel.  All I'd eaten since breakfast was a bag of almonds, so I was starving.  After some Mexican food and a fancy sizzling apple crisp desert, I was ready to roll.  Luckily the area is hilly.  I did:

Walk around for around an hour, up and down hills
25lb dumbell warm up - swings, snatches, squats, etc.
Goblet Squats: 5x25lbs, 35lbs, 50lbs, 60lbs, 70lbs, 70lbs
Single Leg Deadlifts: 5/5 x 15lbs, 35lbs, 50lbs, 50lbs
Turkish Get Ups: 3/3x35lbs
Walking Lunges: 2x16xBW
Swim and Stretch in Pool for 30 minutes

That's right!  The hotel has dumbell pairs up to 50lbs!  This is after the definite "No" I got when calling the front desk and asking "Does your fitness center have weights?".  So, I brought my kettlebell for nothing.  I got some weird looks from the middle aged guys riding their stationary bikes and walking on the treadmills, but it was a pretty good workout.  I am interested to see if the single leg deadlifts make me sore.  Lunges were brutal.

During my wandering, I learned there is a Trader Joes about a quarter mile away from here.  I am planning to stop there for dinner tomorrow night.  It's possible my co-workers will talk me out of it, but I think I will be ready for some simple food by then.  The Mexican sat pretty heavy, I was getting close to losing it between sets of my workout.

The internet I'm using is $10 / day, so I'd better go do some work.  The prices here are crazy.