Sunday, June 17, 2007


I've been fighting to start my work all weekend.  I skipped it yesterday in an effort to renew my enthusiasm.  I keep putting it off and will probably be up all night finishing it.  Dumb I know.  Anyway, here's an update:

1. BW hit 204 this weekend.  I guess I managed my food properly over the business trip.  It really comes down to how much I eat, not what.

2. We rented a car this weekend and I totally scored at Play It Again Sports.  They had 8 used 45lb plates in great shape for 30 cents a lb.  I bought them all for $115.  Sweet.  My wishlist is rapidly dwindling.  Once I get the second stall matt, I can keep my grip stuff all setup and loaded with plates.

3. I gave up on selling the Powerblocks.  Total pain in the butt.  My wife's going to give them to her brother, and I'm going to get the space back in my garage.  I also moved a bunch of stuff I'd been storing there into the basement.  The gym is looking awesome.

4. It looks like I should get to go to the mirror store tomorrow during lunch.  I will get a quote for mirroring one wall of the garage.  My gym is quickly turning into my favorite place.

5. Tomorrow's workout will be in the evening.  It will definitely be a matter of gutting things out due to lack of sleep.

6. The trouble I am having starting my work is a clear indicator of burn out.  I like what I do.  I get paid to design and manage the implementation of websites.  In my free time, I play on the internet and run my own website.  It's just a matter of too much work per week.  I sent the email to my boss setting end of July as a clear cut off point for the overtime.  In the meantime, I need to focus.  I can do anything for 6 weeks, this isn't even that hard.  Maybe I can embrace the material rewards and use greed to keep my motivation high.

When the clock hits 9pm, it's balls to the wall until this requirements doc is done.  Time to man up.