Monday, June 4, 2007


Yesterday I did everything I could think of to be ready for my workout this morning - soft tissue work, stretching, long walk, a hot bath, and lots of sleep.  None of it helped.  Warming up in the gym this morning, I was negotiating with myself what weight to use on the Romanian deads, trying to decide how much I could cut off the working sets.  I went to do my bodyweight squats to conclude the warm up, and I just couldn't bring myself to start them.

That was an indicator to me that I have pushed too hard.  I will take Monday through Wednesday this week for recovery, no lifting.  Walking, stretching, and soft tissue work are still fair game.  I'll also make a point to eat as well as I know how.  Already this morning I made a hot breakfast, and I prepared pasta for the week.  Hopefully by Thursday I am ready to go.

I did do some more shopping this weekend.  I ordered "The Stick" and a back roller from Amazon.  Then I submitted an order to Gill Athletics for that second 20k kettlebell.  I am enjoying the double front squats and would like to move up to the pair of 20k's in the next 20 weeks.  Since I normally hate squatting, I opted to make progression as easy as possible.

Yesterday I did do some activity.  While waiting to go on my walk, I spotted a 6" adjustable wrench sitting on a shelf, taunting me.  I wrapped that sucker up and went at it.  It started to go, but the bend was only 1.5 inches from the end of the handle.  Try as I might, I could not get it down much past 90 degrees.  These are kind of expensive for bending, so I'm going to wait awhile before touching any of my other wrenches.  On the bright side, with the bend so far down the handle, it still works fine as a wrench.