Saturday, June 16, 2007

Welcome Home

Today was my first workout in the home gym since last week's get together.  It was a welcome change of pace from the lame hotel gym.  My gym rules.  I spent 2-3 hours out there and did the following:

Cleans: 3x45, 65, 85, 95; 1x115, 115, 135, 145 (PR?), Miss 155, 155 (PR)
Normal DO Axle Deads: 1x163, 183, 203, 203
Sumo DO Axle Deads: 1x163, 183, 203, 203
Blob Negatives: 35lber and 40lber
Braced Bending: 16"x3/8" CRS (PR), Kink 13"x3/8 CRS
Unbraced Bending: Timber Tie, 6"x1/4 FBBC Round (Ties PR)
Overhead Sledge Levers: 3/3x20 on 6lber, 3/1x25 on 6lber, 1/1x6lber
Renegade Rows: 3/3x16k, 4/4x16k, 3/3x16k

I think that's it, not really sure.  It started pouring rain about 1/3 of the way through the workout.  Training in my garage with the door open and a downpour outside is probably my favorite thing about living in the new house.  It was incredibly energizing.

Huge PR on the cleans, probably a result of all the kettlebell work and Romanian deads.  My form is abysmal, I am curious to know what I could get if I knew how to do a proper clean.  The braced bending is a lot of fun, I really want to bend a 3/8 spike.  Tomorrow I am going to buy some more 3/8 CRS to work up to it.  The steel is expensive, but it's rare greatness even offers a price

Very excited to tie my unbraced PR.  That Grade 5 bolt is looking more and more certain at the July contest.  I opted not to train any one handed lifts.  While one handed deads would have fit well with my pulling theme, they are just too hard on my back and shoulders.  Not worth it.  I'll take what I can at the contest and leave them at that.  Maybe two weeks out I'll do one practice session with them.

Back to the grind Monday morning.  I'll stretch later tonight, probably tomorrow as well.  It's good to be home.