Sunday, July 15, 2007

Chicago Grip Association July Meet Up

We had the July meet up of the Chicago Grip Association yesterday.  The weather was perfect, and a great group of guys showed up.  Paul, Rick, and Neil were able to make it out.  We gripped from 1pm to past 5:30.  It was awesome.  They day went like this for me:

2" V-bar: Singles up to 125lbs
1" V-bar: Singles up to 166lbs lefty (PR), 176lbs righty (PR)
Rolling Thunder: Singles up to 90lbs, fail on some heavier weights
Unbraced Bending: Easy Timber Tie, Hard 60d Double Overhand (probably a PR bend for me, this was intense)
Braced Bending: Finish 10"x5/16" HRS, Finish 12"x5/16" CRS, 14"x5/16" CRS
Softball Lift: Singles up through 70lbs

It doesn't sound like much, but I was trashed by the end of the day.  Probably all the standing

Neil talked me into working up to a v-bar max and PR.  He has skin like leather and with 2 sessions on the v-bar has blasted though to a PR of 251.  I, on the other hand, have been hitting the event 4 times a week for the past month, and am still reaching to hit 200.  The weights I hit yesterday did beat my old PR on the bar by 20lbs lefty, 30lbs righty.  I pulled 165 at Michigan last summer, but that was on a different bar under contest conditions.

The bending was max intensity for me.  Thanks to Rick, I think I finally understand how to place my hands to transition a longer bar from the kink to the crush.  He was pushing through some serious swelling between his knuckles from the braced bending.  By pointing out the area in his hand, he was able to show me exactly where I should be placing the bar in my anchor hand.  Between that and watching how he gets position for the sweep, something clicked.  I was able to finish two bars that have had me stumped for awhile.

The 60d is probaby the hardest short bend I've ever done.  It was a nail Paul brought over and had an extremely hard crush down.  Paul and Rick coached me through the Double Overhand form, including Paul wrapping the nail for me in his wraps.  This was near the end of the day.  It made a big difference, because at the start of the day I failed on the same nail reverse style with my wraps.  Proper DO is much harder on the pointer fingers than I'd thought.

The other events were fun to do, but I tanked out on them pretty quickly.  There is definitely room for improvement.  Paul has a frame and hands that are my size, is walking around significantly lighter than me, and blew me away on every lift.  He's obviously been working when I've been slacking.  If I am ever going to keep pace with him, I have work hard and stay on task.

Overall it was a great time.  I am seriously looking forward to doing this again.  My grip training is doing very well, and I think it is the result of knowing that in a month's time I will be accountable to show progress to these guys.  Accountability is a great motivator for me, and the hard work pays off.

We were able to get a number of videos this time.  I got a 2gig memory card and tripod for my wife's camera.  It makes filming lifts and certs easy.  The only hard part is making time to convert all the videos.  I need to figure out a more efficient approach, but I did get through the ones we took last night.  I believe Neil and Paul both did lifts that will move them up on the FBBC v-bar list.  Rick did 8 different cert bends for FBBC.  Doing one of them on a day would be impressive, hitting 8, that's just sick.  Here are the videos: