Thursday, July 26, 2007

Complex 101

With the grip contest in two days, this morning's workout was a chance to try something new and take it easy.  I had grand visions of doing barbell complexes with 95lbs.  What I actually did:

Barbell Complex: 5x45lbs, 5x65lbs, 5x85lbs, 5x85lbs
Romanian Deadlift
Hang Clean
Front Squat
Push Press

That was it.  I even had to rest a little between the sets on the last complex.  These are hard!  One tweak I made is to do all the reps for one exercise before moving on to the next.  Constantly changing positions on each rep was too hard on my wrists.  Never before has 85lbs felt so heavy.

I think these will be the corner stone of my Saturday workouts.  My conditioning cycle will conclude when I am doing the above complex for 5x5x95lbs at 189lbs body weight.