Friday, July 13, 2007

False Start

Last night I got plenty of sleep, but this morning I just wasn't feeling it.  I woke up early, went into the garage, and started to warm up.  I did:

12k Kettlebell Warm Up
16k Snatches: 5/5, 8/8
Goblet Squats: 5x BW, 16k

At this point my hips felt creaky, I was negotiating an alternate workout with myself that would let me skip my upper workout tomorrow, and I was dreading the heavier weights.  Rather than beat my head against the wall, I went inside.

I weighed in at 201, so I think part of my problem may be insufficient food for the workload I put in earlier this week.  I am going to eat a little extra through the course of the day today.  My hope is I will feel up to coming home and testing at some of my goals.  I have 1/2lb plates and can load my bar to 151.  If I can knock out my 3/4 body weight clean and front squat goals, that would be sweet.  Maybe the chin as well.  We'll see how the day goes.