Monday, July 2, 2007

Garage Gym V2.0

Yesterday I had the great fortune of shopping at Farm and Fleet.  I got my second stall matt, some easy 12 and 10 inch spikes, a couple horse shoes, and a thing to properly reel up the hose.  Then I spent part of the day re-organizing the garage.  I moved a lot of things to the basement, including a shelf of stuff, the powerblocks, and my wife's hyperextension.

The garage gym is much nicer now.  Far more space and two stations for heavy weights.  This means my v-bar can stay setup on a matt.  I made it to the mirror store on Saturday.  Installing a 4'x6' mirror is going to be $300.  Given that I can already video tape myself, I am not going to do it.  No mirror for me.

All this coupled with the FBBC order earlier in the week means it is time to update my wishlist.  I will be out of things to buy for the gym very soon.  There go all my excuses!