Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Grip Contest Results

This past Saturday I went to Michigan to compete in the Michigan Grip Champs 5.  It was a great time and I will write up my lessons learned at a later point.  I want to capture my results and experience on the events here.  There were 14 lifters and the contest went down like this:

Warm Up - I did some light snatches with a dumbbell and bodyweight squats to get my temperature up.

Grippers - I hit the HG200 and HG250 in attempts 1 and 2.  Attempts 3 and 4 I failed on the #2 that stopped me last year.  I was actually closer than last year, which was unexpected.  I have not seriously trained grippers in at least a year.  I hit my expected performance on this lift.  I was tied with several others for second to last on this lift.

3/4" Thin Pinch - I hit 70lbs on my first attempt, bombed on 90 on my second attempt.  The next lowest lift at that point was 100 or 110, so I just passed on my last two attempts.  There was no sense in making everyone weight to change weights for me on a lift I hadn't even trained for.  My expectation that other pinch work would carry over to this lift was completely incorrect.  It was all about finger strength.  I took last on this lift.

V-bar - I hit a PR weight of 183lbs with each hand on my first attempt.  From there I failed on 203lbs, 193lbs, and 188lbs.  No complaints on a strong start, the jump to 203 was my attempt to hit a bodyweight v-bar lift.  No luck, but I still exceeded my expected performance on this lift.  I tied for last on this lift with one other.

One Handed Deadlift - I hit 135 easily on my first attempt, so I bumped the weight to 165 for attempt 2.  I got that, which was my expected weight.  I then went for 185, but missed it on my 3rd attempt.  Everyone else was well ahead of me by attempt 4, and I had met my goal, so I passed.  I took last on this lift.

Unbraced Bending - I opened with 6" x 1/4 Round FBBC, which tied my PR.  My 2nd attempt on a 6" Grade 5 bolt was a total failure, I didn't even kink it a little.  All that was left was shorter stock, so on attempt 3 I took down a 5.5" x 1/4 Round FBBC, setting an unexpected PR.  Attempt 4 I put a slight kink in a 5" piece of the same steel, but didn't have what it took to finish it.  I took third to last on this lift.

At the end, I was 14th place.  13th place was only 2 points ahead of me, but there really is no way I would have made up those 2 points.  Everyone in the contest was significantly stronger than me.  The only reason I came as close as I did to others is that I have specialized on grippers, bending, and v-bar.

However, I am pleased with my performance.  I showed up at the contest at 200lbs, which is about 45lbs lighter than I was last year.  Despite the drop in weight, I set unexpected PRs on two events, and tied my PRs on the other 3 events.  Doing that all in one day makes me very happy.  I did exactly what I set out to do, and even got an unexpected award (Vice Gripper!) for my efforts.

Visiting Don's gym is a treat, and the promoters put on an excellent contest.  I will be back for the next one.