Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Morning Wake Up

Normally Wednesday is a rest day for me, but with nothing planned for the day, I figured it was a good morning for kettlebell juggling and grip work.  I did the following:

Kettlebell Juggling with 16k
Rack walks to my juggling spot, about 500ft
Two Handed Swings
Two Handed Catch and Release
Two Handed Flips
Bodyweight Squats
Figure 8's
Under the Leg
Around the Body
One Handed Swings
One Handed Catch and Release
One Handed Flips

I had to stop with the one handed flips.  I tried catching a flip lefty that  had some lateral rotation on it.  My thumb and pointer finger were jerked pretty hard, making holding the kettlebell with my left hand painful.  I think it is actually cumulative stress from the snatches yesterday resulting in most of the pain, but I decided that was the time to end it.  Then I walked the kettlebell home and did grip:

Grip Work
Grippers: Reps through the BBSA, Singles and Holds with the BBM
Unbraced Double Underhand Bending: 2xEasy Timber Ties, 1xHard Timber Ties;
Unbraced Reverse Bending: 2xHard Timber Ties
Titan's Telegraph: Two handed reps 5 or higher up through sets with 25lbs
Braced Bending: Failx15" x 3/8 CRS, 20" x 3/8" CRS, 45 degree kink in 18" x 3/8" CRS

Grippers were weak, which is to be expected.  For the purposes of the contest, it doesn't really matter.  There is an HG250 that I can dominate.  The next gripper up is a beastly #2 I have no shot at.  I just want to make sure I don't fail on the HG250.

The unbraced bending went better than expected.  My double underhand is much stronger than I thought, I assume as a result of the braced bending I've been trying to do.  The reverse bends were to finish off the timber ties I'd grabbed.  Hard, but not too bad.

I finally have the garage setup so I can work the Titan's Telegraph hard.  Turns out the garbage can makes a great platform for it.  My thumbs got some much needed work.

I gave the braced bending another shot with longer steel.  I need to practice succeeding at it instead of continually failing on pieces that are just out of my reach.  Unfortunately, the CRS I got from McMaster is much tougher than the steel I'd previously purchased from a hardware store.  The hardware store stuff must have been HRS, because the CRS is extremely springy.  I need to get some 5/16" to be able to practice the braced bending at the lengths I want.

That's it.  I will to do some hand health and stretching later today.  Plenty of time.  Now for breakfast.