Sunday, July 8, 2007

Weekend Refresher

I have a full week ahead, so today was scheduled as a chance to catch up on loose ends, enjoy the time off, and prepare for the week ahead.  This morning at 6:30 my wife and I left the house in a cab to go to a waterfall 5 miles away.  Our goal was to see the waterfall and walk home through the forest preserve.  What I'd anticipated to be a 2 hour 4 mile walk turned out to be a 4 hour 7 mile walk, complete with a trip to the gas station at mile 5 to get more water.  I returned home hot and tired.  The forest preserve is beautiful, but I've had enough of being outside to last me for the next week.

That's a good thing, because it looks like I will be doing heavy overtime next week.  I'm anticipating a 55-60 hour week.  All I will have time to do is work, eat, sleep, and train.  The bright side is I managed to keep the past two weeks down to normal hours, and I do get paid for the extra time this week.  It does mean, however, that today is the last free time I will have until next Sunday.

I've used it well.  After the walk, I finally got part of to compile in C#, though it is not yet ready to go live.  I finally weighed in at 203.  I took a nap.  I washed my laundry.  I made time to read, pay bills, and review my budget.  The budget was frustrating.

It turns out I've been spending more than planned since moving in.  While I'm still living below my means (thanks to the overtime), it's not by the amount I had planned.  Some of the expenditures were related to moving in and are acceptable.  However, my credit card also shows $100 a week on my gym, and another $75 a week on eating out.  That is excessive and has to stop.

I'm going to back off by instituting a limit on the eating out and gym spending.  Outside of the Michigan trip, gym spending for this month is frozen.  Eating out will be reduced to a max of twice a week.  From 8/1 on, I'll budget $100 a pay period and 1/2 of any net overtime pay to eating out and lifting expenditures.  I will pay this house off in 7 years, and I need to save aggressively to do it.

Time to cook, hang laundry, stretch, eat dinner, and get to bed on time.  I have a great workout to look forward to tomorrow.  Three weeks until Michigan.