Saturday, August 4, 2007

Barbell Complexes

This afternoon was the perfect opportunity for my barbell complex workout.  After an hour playing with the grip toys, I was sweaty and ready for some hard work.  Last week I'd been stumped by 85lbs, so I put everything I could into it.  This week I did much better and hit the following complexes:

Barbell Complex: 5x65, 85, 85, 85, 85, 85
5xFront Squat
5xHang Clean
5xStiff Legged Deadlift
5xPush Press

That's right, I got my 5x5 with the 85lb barbell.  It makes me happy to progress so much relative to last week.  I did make some modifications to the workout that were important:

First, I did it in the afternoon after I was already warm, and it was raining outside.  I love to lift hard with the garage door open while it rains. 

Second, I switched up the order to what is listed above.  Putting the front squats first, which are the hardest lift for me, really makes the complex much less intimidating.

Third, I manned up.  I wanted to quit at the end of set 3, but sucked it up and finished the workout.

Overall, I am happy with how this workout went.  My next step is to reduce the rest time between each complex set.  I think a complex takes me a little over 2 minutes.  I would like to get my rest period between complexes down to at least that.  Once I am there, I will add weight and repeat the process of building my volume, then reducing the rest periods. 

My 5x5x95lbs conditioning goal will need to be done with rest periods equal to or shorter than the lifting periods.  I have confidence that I will get there by the time I hit my bodyweight of 189lbs.  I hit a bodyweight of 199lbs today, which is quite good considering what I ate while in Michigan.