Saturday, August 4, 2007

FBBC Order Arrived

Today I had an awesome grip workout courtesy of Fat Bastard Barbell Co.  The order I placed last month arrived, and it was the following:

A styling new FBBC T-shirt
2 Horseshoes
Short Steel
The Big Squeeze (plate loaded metal 2x4)
A 2" V-bar (2" diameter x 24" long metal bar, load plates vertically on it)
The Bomb (8lb shot put with a hook in it)

I resisted temptation to put on my new T-shirt and went to work:

Bending - I got some 1/4" inch stainless and 1/4" hex.  I already know I cannot bend the hex, so I went after the stainless.  I could only manage a slight kink in a 7" piece.  I hope my hands are just tired from last weekend, because I really expected to take down a 6" piece.  Time to get stronger!  I left the horseshoes alone.

The Big Squeeze - I love this thing.  First I deadlifted it with a normal pinch grip.  I worked up to 35lbs on each side.  Then I deadlifted it with a wide pinch grip, up to 15lbs on each side.  Then I curled it with 5lbs on each side to get the feel.  Then I realized I could put it on my feet while sitting to work the front of my shins and did a bunch of reps that way.  I am very happy with this bar and it will see a lot of use in my workouts.

2" V-bar:  - I worked up to a max of 90lbs in plates on here, which I think is around 110lbs total.  It is massive and much slicker than the 2" v-bar Rick brought over.  To be honest, I don't see myself training this one much, but it will be fun for get togethers, especially since John has the 2" v-bar cert list.  I would prefer to use it over the 1" v-bar though, and put my 1" v-bar away as a result.

The Bomb - This thing is fun.  I worked up to 60lbs in plates on it, which was hard for me.  There are guys doing almost triple that weight on it, which astounds me.  I'm used to being 1/2 as strong as the top guys, not 1/3.  I hope this means it hits a weak point I have previously failed to train.  I will probably use it once in awhile, and it does have good get together potential, since John maintains a cert list for it.  I am happy with this.

Overall it was a great workout and I am happy with my purchases.  They were well worth the wait, and it is probably for the best the equipment did not arrive right before the grip contest.  My hands are fried.