Saturday, August 25, 2007

This is not Working

Bodyweight hit 195 today, which means I'm sustaining a rate of change of 1lb a week.  That is exactly what I was sustaining prior to starting all the conditioning work and targeting a rate of change of 2lbs a week.  The only difference is now my enthusiasm is low, my strength is dropping, and I am constantly cold.

The short of it is, I don't think I'm eating enough.  My body has adapted to the insufficient food supply by shutting down.  That's really the opposite of what I want, so I'll be increasing calories until my enthusiasm returns, then targeting a rate of change from 0-1lbs per week.

I did do some grip work today.  The only things of note were that I tied my axle deadlift PR from a few months ago when I was 17lbs heavier, and I upped my 2" v-bar PR by 20lbs.  Ironically, both of these were made easier by not using chalk.  The paint on the FBBC stuff seems to respond best to the right combination of sweat and hand drying.  Also the constant rain over the past week put a fine layer of rust on the v-bar, which dramatically improved the friction.

Anyway, I'm off to eat.  Maybe I'll get a pizza delivered and have some wine with it.